William Andrew Mauney

Served as mayor:

  • February 11, 1874–November 30, 1877
  • December 1, 1879–November 30, 1880
  • December 1, 1893–November 30, 1895
  • December 1, 1899–November 30, 1900

W.A. Mauney was born in Gaston County, North Carolina to David and Frances Carpenter Mauney.  In 1861, at the age of 19, he volunteered and enlisted in the Confederate Army.  He then moved to Kings Mountain in 1872 with his brother to establish a mercantile and homes.

On February 11, 1874, the town of Kings Mountain was chartered, and W.A, along with Dr. J.W. Tracy, F. Dilling, D.C. Beam and W.F. Falls, was named a town commissioner.  He was selected from this group to be the first mayor.  During this time, the post office moved to the Mauney Brothers store and W.A. was made the postmaster.  He served in this role for seventeen years.  He continued to promote and establish new businesses all through each of his terms as mayor.  In 1888, W. A. Mauney along with several others opened the first cotton mill, Kings Mountain Manufacturing Company.  This was to be the industry that helped to develop the small town most.  In 1889, W.A. and A.R. Rudisill founded the Kings Mountain News, a short-lived town newspaper. By June of 1900, he was the president of the Bank of Kings Mountain, which later became the First National Bank of Kings Mountain.  He also served in the North Carolina State Legislature and as a Senator from 1907-1908.

W.A. was married to Mary Susan Ramsour in 1865.  They were married for 21 years until she passed away in 1886. They had three children together.  He then married Candace Miller in 1896, and remained married to her until he passed away in 1929.  They had two daughters.

W.A. Mauney passed away at the age of 87.

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