Redding Southerland Sugg

Served as mayor: December 1, 1877–November 30, 1878

Redding Southerland Sugg was born in Edgecomb County, North Carolina to Dr. Phesanton and Lucinda Pender Sugg. Redding attended the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and graduated in the class of 1850. After graduation, he returned to Tarboro and by 1860 was a wealthy, single farmer. At the start of the war in 1861, Redding enlisted and served as a Lieutenant with the NC 15th Infantry Regiment.

By 1880, Redding had moved to Kings Mountain where he built two buildings. One became Suggs Drug Store and the other was a general merchandise store. He was Kings Mountain’s first pharmacist and second mayor.

Redding was married to Mary Sophia Vines for 42 years. The couple had only one child, who passed away at the age of four.

Redding Southerland Sugg passed away at the age of 72.


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