William Alexander Ware

Served as mayor: December 1, 1920–November 30, 1921

William Alexander Ware (“W.A.”) was born in Cleveland County, to William and Mary Anne McGill Ware. In 1880, W.A. moved to Kings Mountain with his family. His father opened the Merchant Mill, the first steam-operated grist and saw mill in the area, in 1882. W.A. was always associated with this business. He started out as the steam plant operator. The business eventually became Ware & Sons. He became the active head of the firm in 1898 and that year, they added a cotton gin to the operations. In 1930 Ware & Sons entered the wholesale grocery business.

W.A. was closely identified with his civic and religious activity throughout the community. He was a founding member of the Boyce Memorial ARP church and served as an elder for many years.

W.A. was married to his first wife, Lenora Falls Ware, for 8 years until she passed away in 1893. The couple had three children together. He then married Mary Anthony Ware in 1895. The couple was married for 45 years, until she passed away in 1941. They had five children together.

William Alexander Ware passed away at the age of 87 from a heart attack.

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