Wiley Henkle McGinnis, Sr.

Served as mayor:

  • December 1, 1917–November 30, 1920
  • December 1, 1921–November 30, 1923
  • December 1, 1925–November 30, 1931

Wiley Henkle McGinnis was born in Gaston County, North Carolina, to J.M. and Margaret Rudisill McGinnis. He moved to Kings Mountain at the age of 26. He was in banking for most of his adult life, specifically as a bank clerk and trustee for the Kings Mountain Building and Loan Association. Wiley also operated R & M Motors of Kings Mountain, with J.B. Rowland until 1947.

One of the highlights of Wiley McGinnis’ six terms as mayor came in 1930 during the Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Battle of Kings Mountain. President Herbert Hoover and his wife visited the town to participate in the celebration.

Wiley was married to his wife, Minnie Carpenter McGinnis, for 44 years. The couple had six children.

Wiley Henkle McGinnis passed away at the age of 69, from a heart attack.

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