Rufus Sylvanus Plonk

Served as mayor:

  • December 1, 1890–November 30, 1891
  • December 1, 1895–November 30, 1896

Rufus Sylvanus Plonk (“R.S.”), was born in Cleveland County, North Carolina to John and Ellen Oates Plonk.

R.S. was highly involved in politics. He served as the campaign manager for Congressman E.Y. Webb for many years and was county commissioner for Cleveland County for eight years. He also served as an alderman for the town of Kings Mountain before becoming its mayor.

R.S. was also a very successful businessman, his main business being cotton manufacturing. He served as director and vice president of Long Shoals Mill, director of the Klotho Mill, and Kings Mountain Manufacturing Company. He was vice president and general manager of the Phenix mill for six years before it was sold. He was a dedicated Lutheran and a Master Mason.

R.S. was married to his wife, Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Motley Plonk, for nearly 30 years. The couple had fourteen children together.

Rufus Sylvanus Plonk passed away at the age of 51.

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