John Henry Moss

Served as mayor: December 1, 1965–November 30, 1987

John Henry Moss was born in Cleveland County to Manuel A. and Amanda Oates Moss. He played minor league baseball in 1940. He then joined the Army and fought in World War II. In 1947, he founded the Western Carolina League, a semipro circuit. He left the league in 1950 to work as general manager for several minor league teams affiliated with the Detroit Tigers. When he returned to the league in 1959, he reorganized it at the Western Carolinas League, which was later renamed the South Atlantic League. He served as president of this league for 50 years. As mayor, he felt minor league baseball was a way to bolster local revenue, as well as generate local pride.

John Henry was married to his wife, Elaine C. Beileke Moss, for 45 years. They had no children.

John Henry Moss died at the age of 90 after suffering a stroke on June 7, 2009.

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