Glee Actor Bridges

Served as mayor:

  • December 1, 1953–November 30, 1961
  • December 1, 1963–November 30, 1965

Glee Actor Bridges was born in Cleveland County to Joseph and Eva Gold Bridges. He grew up as a farmer. In 1917, he was drafted to fight in World War I. He moved to Kings Mountain after the war and became a merchant. He owned Bridges Hardware, which is still in operation. He also served as a County Commissioner.

During his first term as mayor, the Chamber of Commerce was organized and the first City Directory was distributed. The city also received a natural gas line. The Deal Street swimming pool was opened to the public. Also during this time the city hired its first black police officer.

G.A. was married to his wife Addie Hamrick Bridges for 44 years. The couple had four children.

Glee Actor Bridges passed away at the age of 71.

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