Alfred V. Falls

Served as mayor:

  • December 1, 1880–November 30, 1881
  • December 1, 1882–November 30, 1886

Alfred V. Falls was born in Lincoln County, North Carolina to James and Susan Falls. By 1850, A.V. had moved to Cleveland County to the White Plains area. This would later become the town of Kings Mountain. He was a farmer and according to the 1860 census, he was the deputy sheriff for the area. At the age of 42, he joined the Confederate Army, but stayed enlisted only one month.

By 1880 when A.V. became mayor, he was a listed as a retired farmer. In 1885, he petitioned the House of Representatives to be a justice of the peace in Cleveland County.

A.V. was married to Francis “Fannie” Neal. The couple had one son.

Alfred V. Falls passed away at the age of 67.

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