W.A. Mauney Civil War Diary


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Leather bound. Approximately 234 pages, condition is poor, binding very delicate. It is a hand written diary with some ink fading, some entries in pencil. A letter written to his father and a receipt for money received from the Sellers estate were included in the diary at the time it was donated. W.A. Mauney enlisted in the army and the diary has daily entries from 1861-1865 about the events, activities, and battles fought by Company B, 28th N. C. Regiment (South Fork Farmers or also known as Gaston Invincibles) in North Carolina and Virginia. Also included in the information was a set of camp song lyrics and a list of names of the people in the regiment with deaths noted. The letter that was in the diary was sent from Madison County Virginia, May 17th, 1862. The receipt was dated 1871. W. A. Mauney was one of the founding fathers of Kings Mountain. A 45 page transcript of the diary and the record of Company B volunteers was made in the 1930s and was notarized August 26, 1938.