History and Program Commemorating the Centennial of Kings Mountain 1874–1974


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STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA GOVERNOR’S OFFICE RALEIGH 27611 JAMES E. HOLSHOUSER. JR October, 1974 facets of North ountryside, and sent-day America, heritage, Kings Mountain The Honorable John Henry Moss Mayor of Kings Mountain Kings Mountain, North Carolina Dear Mayor Moss: The City of Kings Mountain reflects Carolina’s and our Nation’s past. Its i tradition trace history from the Coloni In its significant role in the formation has been responsible for many developments. Most notably, ber it as the site of the revolutionary Battle of Kings Mountain. His-torians have frequently termed this colonial victory a turning point in the American Revolutionary War. Now, as we approach the 100th anniversary of the City and the 194th celebration of the Battle of Kings Mountain, let us pause to pay tribute to the revolutionary colonists who brought fame to the site, the hard-working citizens who led the establishment of the community as a city, and the contemporary leaders and citizens who have retained for Kings Mountain its place as a historic and outstanding American city. Congratulations to the City of Kings Mountain on this auspicious occasion and best wishes for many more years of prosperity and succet Governor James E. Holshouser Mayor John Henry Moss The City of Kings Mountain NORTH CAROLINA The Historical City E L C O M El I wish to extend to you, on behalf of the Citizens of Kings Mountain, the Board of City Commissioners and myself, a most heartfelt WELCOME to the CENTENNIAL CELE-BRATION of the founding of the CITY OF KINGS MOUNTAIN and the 194th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION OF THE BATTLE OF KINGS MOUNTAIN , the Battle that turned the tide of the Revolutionary War in favor of the AMERICANS. To our Citizens, my sincerest CONGRATULATIONS I It is you, the individual Citizen, who has made these Celebrations MEANINGFUL as we strive to carry out the HIGHEST IDEALS of our GREAT CONSTITUTION OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA I I am extremely proud of our Accomplishments and the Attitude of our CITIZENS, a Combination that has given to the CITY ‘ OF KINGS MOUNTAIN an Enviable Repu-tation of GROWTH AND PROGRESS but which, at the same time, has DEVELOPED AND MAINTAINED a SPIRIT of COOPERA-TION, FRIENDLINESS AND CONSIDERATION for ALL. Upon the conclusion of our CELEBRATIONS, it is my sincere wish that you will take with you HAPPY AND JOYOUS MEMORIES of the fun of these CELEBRATIONS and of the DEEPER MEANINGS of these COMMEMORATIVE CEREMONIES; and let us resolve to carry forward the GRAIL OF OUR HARDY ANCESTORS who set the stage and GAVE US THE FOUNDATIONS which have made it possible for us to reach THIS IMPORTANT MILESTONE IN OUR HISTORY. 4 This page sponsored by FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH

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