Land Grant to John Carruth


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State of North Carolina, No 98 To all whom these presents shall come, Greeting. Know Ye That We, for and in consideration of the sum of Fifty shillings for every Hundred Acres hereby Granted, paid into our Treasury by John Carruth have Given and Granted, and by these presents do Give and Grant unto the said John Carruth a Tract of Land containing Two hundred Acres, lying and being in our County of Lincoln On the waters of the such fork of Baffalow joining Andrew Hezliss land Beginning at a black Oak Hezliss corner and running with his line South fifty eight West Two hundred poles to a black oak thence South thirty two East one hundred sixty poles to a post oak thence North fifty eight East two hundred poles to a stake thence North thirty two West one hundred sixty poles to the Beginning As by the Plat hereunto annexed doth appear: together will all woods, water, mines, minerals, hereditaments, and appurtenances, to the said Land belonging or Appertaining: To HOLD to the Said John Carruth his heirs and assigns for ever: Yielding and paying to Us such sums of money, yearly, or otherwise, as our General Assembly from time to time may direct. Provided always, That the said John Carruth shall cause this Grant to be registered to the Register’s Office of our said county of Lincoln within twelve months from the date hereof, otherwise the same shall be void and of no effect.